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Smokeless Fires

Ready Ring near smokeless fire in front of an Airstream Flying Cloud.

Fires make smoke, its inevitable. But why do some fires create nearly invisible smoke that floats gracefully upward, while others are cloudy and seem to follow you around?

To understand the answer, its best to understand what a fire is and how it works. Fires are combustion reactions. Wood fuel is actually vaporized, mixes with oxygen in the ambient air, and under the right combination of heat and pressure they combust putting off light and heat. We call that light and heat, fire.

We like to enjoy fires so long as they aren't accompanied by too much smoke. A great campfire gives us the maximum warmth and visual ascetics of a fire, while leaving behind minimal cloudy smoke. We call this a "clean" fire.

A clean fire is one where the ratio of wood fuel, oxygen, and heat containment are optimized. The wood should be clean seasoned hardwood. The oxygen supplying air should be adequate and fed at the base of the fire, but but the center of the fire should be shielded to contain heat in the combustion zone.

Seasoned wood and proper fuel to air ratio produces clean smoke. When the fire is properly shielded from the sides, that smoke is heated propelled upward via natural buoyancy effects.

The Ready Ring is a portable fire ring with these exact features designed in. Heavy steel does a good job containing heat and blocking excessive airflow from the sides. The size of the Ready Ring is adjustable, to allow the user to tailor the setup to the desired fire size. Finally, the integrated air vents are positioned such that they feed from oxygen at the base of the fire.

The Ready Ring provides a great improvement over other fire containment methods. with practice fires can be nearly smoke free.


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